Our Team

Megan Forman

Co-Owner / Executive Chef
Gracious is the realization of Megan Forman’s desire to open her own bakery focusing primarily on breads, artisan pastry and desserts. A graduate of the New England Culinary Institute, Megan was Bayona’s Pastry Chef for six years before leaving to help open Sucre, where she worked prior to starting Gracious. Megan has been awarded the Rising Star Pastry Chef from Star Chefs, and her work has appeared in Food Arts, Modern Bride and other publications.

Jay Forman

Co-Owner / 3rd String Dishwasher
Jay Forman made his fortune as a quant before vesting at the age of 23 and returning to his native New Orleans to take up the lute. He learned he had a disposition ill-suited for retirement but fortunately his wife opened a bakery about the same time and he signed on as a delivery boy and third-string dishwasher. He also steals cookies from the case when Megan isn’t looking.

Greg Aycock

As Lunch Production Manager, Greg enjoys the dual responsibilities of planning the lunch menu and making the delicious fare. Creating the various soups and smoking, curing, braising and roasting meat is specifically what gets Greg out of bed in the morning.

Allison Gallagher

Allison’s cheerful smile and warm disposition keeps guests coming back at Gracious Bakery + Cafe. We are always happy to see her and know you will be too!

Heather Knudsen

Director of Operations
Heather’s prior experience as a professional cat herder serves her well in her current position as Director of Operations at Gracious. She’s the one who keeps it rolling.

Ramon Osorio

Ramon gets really tired of "time to make the donuts" jokes so be sure to make one when you see him.

Summer Veatch

Two years of twice daily trips to patisseries and boulangeries in France taught Summer that “You are what you eat” is a real thing. Thankfully, she found a new outlet for her passion and satisfies her longings by making these delicious treats on a daily basis.

Jessica Scott

Jessica enjoys all things pastry-related and from a young age demonstrated a knack for quality control.

Darnell Haggerty

Savory Prep
All Darnell wanted for her 6th birthday was a Morgus party.

Milly Forman

Customer Service
'nuff said