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Cakes and Pies

[cl_row fullheight="0" custom_width_bool="0" equal_height="0" video_loop="0" row_disabled="0" css_style="{'padding-top':'170px','padding-bottom':'120px'}_-_json" text_color="light-text" parallax="1" overlay="color" overlay_opacity="0.5" arrow_top="0" arrow_bottom="0" close_section="0" animation="alpha-anim" animation_speed="600" device_visibility="{'0':'none_'}_-_json" css_style_991_row_bool="0" css_style_767_row_bool="0" background_image="{'id':'1189','url':'https://graciousbakery.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Grid-Cake-New-150x150.jpg'}_-_json" overlay_color="#000000"] Cakes and Pies Gracious offers full-size cakes for all your cake-related needs. Advance notice is required as we make all cakes to order. You can find our full cake menu with prices right here. Selections include Build-Your-Own-Birthday Cake and Passion Fruit Coconut. We also have an assortment of to-die-for pies. To order give us a call at (504) 301-3709 Ext 1 or write us at catering@graciousbakery.com
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